"I just like to be authentic and share the ups and downs of running a high growth early stage startup."

For Issue #007, we had the honour of speaking with Eshita Kabra-Davies, founder of the world's first social fashion rental app, By Rotation. Once an outsider to both fashion and entrepreneurship, Eshita has helped transform the way we consume fashion, and she shares with us a glimpse into how she stands out from the rest.

Where does your ambition come from?

It must be from my underdog mentality... I've been a minority all my life: a female, ethnic minority and an immigrant.

At what point did you know the way we consume fashion required change?

After witnessing textile waste in my own hometown in Rajasthan, India which I hadn't been to for over 14 years, I knew my own consumption habits had to change.

As a first time founder and outsider to the fashion industry, what have you found most challenging about building rental platform By Rotation?

The industry is very antiquated - by mindset and even their adoption of technology.

By Rotation prides itself on being a conscious and self-sustaining community. How do you interact with this community and keep them engaged?

We always include them in all steps of the customer journey - be it from the product itself (since it's a peer-to-peer marketplace) and marketing (user-generated content).

How has being a “third culture kid” and a global citizen had an impact on how you run your business?

I'm already planning our international expansion - By Rotation is a global business!

You’ve recently rebranded By Rotation, but how important has building your personal brand been to building your business?

I haven't actually thought about my personal brand per se - I just like to be authentic and share the ups and downs of running a high growth early stage startup.

Which achievements are you most proud of so far?

Being featured as the App of the Day on the Apple Store (twice!), winning the Founders Forum pitch competition (25k GBP prize) and creating a community of over 100k Rotators who are changing their consumption habits, one rental at a time!

What has inspired you recently and had a positive impact on your life? 

A overnight trip to the Double Red Duke hotel on my own which made me reflect on how I need to spend some time on my own alone, everyday. I am an introverted extrovert!

What's the single best piece of advice you have ever received? 

It's not so much advice, but I love this quote: If not me, who? If not now, when?

If you were handed a microphone and the whole world was listening, what would you say?


Where will Eshita Kabra-Davies’ ambition take her next?

Let's hope all over the world, with local communities rotating their wardrobes!

A huge thank you to Eshita for speaking with us! You can keep up with her journey by following her over on Instagram. Don't forget, you can subscribe below to get AMBITION sent direct to your inbox every month!

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