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The Challenge: Quaglino's is a restaurant that has built up huge brand equity after operating for over 90 years. During the 1990s, the restaurant created a buzz so momentous that tables were traded on the exchange, Princess Diana snuck in through the kitchens, stolen ashtrays became trophies, and even the Quag’s cigarette girls, in their couture uniforms, were minor celebrities. We were challenged with making Quaglino's cool and relevant in the social media age.


Our Solution:

To be able to modernise the Quaglino’s brand, we needed to first create images and videos that were fun and dynamic. We identified the perfect photographers and videographers to work with, who would help us elevate Quaglino’s content. With the restaurant’s tagline in mind - ‘synonymous with style and glamour’ - we set about carefully curating their social media platforms utilising only the highest quality content available, while adopting a tone of voice that is luxury yet relatable. We partnered with influencers who would amplify specific initiatives at the restaurant; whether that be bar menu launches, soul brunches or live music performances. We think the results speak for themselves!

Client Testimonial:

“The team at AXJ bring expertise, energy and a hands-on approach. They have been a great support in elevating our marketing strategies and growing our social media presence. Quaglino’s is a restaurant that’s built up huge brand equity over its 90 year history and we have absolute trust in AXJ’s ability to not only protect that, but add to it. The AXJ team provide a birds-eye view on our business, allowing us to see the bigger picture and shine a light on our blindspots. Their marketing support has undoubtably contributed to an increase covers in our restaurant and provided a genuine ROI.”

Vidmantus Gricius, General Manager, Quaglino's

Synonymous with style and glamour

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