Meet The Team




CO-Founder Adam is the entrepreneurial spark plug.

He’s the visionary, the passion provider and the go-getter.

He solves the big problem and leads from the back, sparking team synergy and inspiration. 

Adam overseas AXJ’s growth strategy, company culture, maintaining client relationships and expanding our network.

Adam Probert



Director of Operations

CO-FOUNDER Jack is the integrator AND active listener.

He is the steady force that provides the cadence for AXJ’s ability to push boundaries and exceed expectations. 

As Director of Operations, he bridges the gap between ideation and implementation.

Jack oversees our internal processes and team accountability, as well as leading client accounts.

Jack Dent



Head of Creative

Charlotte is dynamic, diligent, and destined for greatness

As Head of Creative, Charlotte defines, plans and delivers a creative vision for clients, ensuring all elements fit seamlessly with brand strategies. 

Whether in the office or on-set, she manages the creative process from concept to completion with her eye for aesthetics and detail. 

Charlotte manages client accounts and oversees the growing and maintaining of our creative network, as well as providing overall creative direction & guidance.

Charlotte O'Neill