We deliver influencer campaigns and ongoing influencer strategies that help you further amplify your message to the world.

We partner with influencers that your community admires helping you to build trust, tap into new audiences and enrich your content strategy.

We know it can be difficult to know where to start with influencer marketing, which is why we first establish what you want to achieve from your campaign or strategy.

Whether that be increased brand awareness, content creation,  to drive sales or all three. We also decide upon the best way to incentivise influencers, either through gifting or paid collaborations. 


We've collaborated with over 1200 influencers and counting. Spanning lifestyle, food and drink, fashion, travel, beauty, fitness, family and more. Meaning we always have the right influencers for your campaign or strategy. Our influencers have built loyal and engaged followings through authenticity and being discerning about the brands they work with.


Influencer marketing is a multi layered process. With AXJ you're in good hands, and the results speak for themselves. We have made our experience your advantage by managing every aspect of influencer management; from content briefs and contracts to ROI metrics and everything between. Ensuring that we deliver maximum success for your strategy.

Success Metrics

Influencer marketing is notoriously difficult to track and campaigns don't always have the same goals. In order for you to understand how much of a return on your investment influencer campaigns are bringing in, we work with you every step of the way so that when it comes time for reporting back on ROI, all the information you need will be at your fingertips.